Locals Only Pint Glass


Brewed by Crossroads Brewing Co, Locals Only is a beer meant to shed light on the importance of small, local bars that have always been there for us as consumers, and in a post-Covid world, need our help to get back on their feet. This beet comes with a strong message to support local now more than ever, and remember a good beer is only as good as the bar you're in.

As we're unable to sell beer through our website, we're giving the opportunity for people to bring this message into their homes. Please try and support local bodegas by picking up a 6 or 12 back of a locally brewed beer to pour into these glasses.

Item Details
-16oz glass pint glass
-Full Wrap Print
-Made in the USA
-Artwork by Chris Wilson

-$5 Domestic | $15 International
-Free pickup at Carmelo's Brooklyn on Tuesday nights

-Free stickers with every order

Thank you for your support